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About Us

Welcome to On The Boardwalk Wine & Café, our tiny corner of the world where culinary masterpieces meet unparalleled hospitality.

Nestled along the waterfront in Florenceville-Bristol, we’re not so much a restaurant as we are a dining and celebration destination.


From the moment you walk in, whether it’s for a casual lunch meeting, a friend’s wedding, or a much-needed night out, you'll be met with a warm welcome we Maritimers are known for, and an unforgettable experience to follow.


We hope to see you soon!


Our Story

It was late 2020 when Clare and Allison McCain opened their unique culinary destination in our charming rural town, a once-abandoned convenience store and gas station magically transformed into what we now proudly call On The Boardwalk Café & Wine. 


Clare and Allison (whose backgrounds are in medicine and engineering) never imagined they’d find themselves restaurateurs, but somehow found themselves drawn into the world of fine dining.


With much help from a very talented team of culinary and drink experts, they embarked on a mission to introduce world-class cuisine to their community, with the ultimate goal of providing an escape for young families seeking a break from life’s hectic pace of modern life; a big city cultural and culinary experience found in the cozy New Brunswick hamlet of Florenceville-Bristol.

Meet Our Team

Meet the maestros in front of AND behind the scenes at On The Boardwalk Café & Wine. 


With over 60 years of combined experience working in upscale restaurant environments, our team is a well-seasoned troupe dedicated to crafting unforgettable dining experiences and delivering remarkable service.


Get to know our resident sommelier and mixologist who elevate your dining experience through carefully curated wine pairings and artisanal cocktails, and our culinary team members, who possess a meticulous knowledge of our menu, from preparation methods to the exquisite ingredients contained within each item.

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